Dedicated to Delivering Excellence

At Ask Prop Firms, we are dedicated to introducing the world of proprietary trading to retail traders globally,

emphasizing its potential as a route to further financial prospects.

About us

Ask Prop Firms is an enterprise established by a team of enthusiastic Forex traders who committed themselves to the proprietary trading sector and acknowledged its extensive potential.

Our Mission

The creation of the Ask Prop Firms review platform aims to present promising opportunities to retail traders globally. Numerous proficient traders face the challenge of restricted capital, a concern that prop firms can effectively mitigate. This platform endeavors to offer a solution by linking these retail traders with the most reputable proprietary trading companies.

Our Vision

Motivated by a collective enthusiasm for the financial markets, our team of specialists at Ask Prop Firms meticulously evaluates and organizes proprietary trading firms based on essential criteria, such as pricing, trading goals, community input, and support, as well as considerations like performance and risk management.