Strategic Insights: FundedNext Interview with Ibukun

In an exclusive interview, Ibukun Omojola revealed his secrets to trading success with FundedNext primarily focuses on trading gold.

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In an exclusive interview, Ibukun Omojola, a dedicated day trader from Lagos, Nigeria, studying Computer Engineering, revealed his secrets to trading success with FundedNext. Ibukun, who started his trading journey just over a year ago, primarily focuses on trading gold, citing its favorable volatility.

When asked about his trading strategy, Ibukun emphasized simplicity. He relies on zone frequency and recency, primarily based on support and demand levels. He shared his screen during the interview, demonstrating his meticulous approach to marking highs and lows on the charts, a method he uses across various timeframes from daily to hourly.

Reliable Platforms and Strategic Insights: FundedNext Interview with Ibukun

“I look for a risk-reward ratio of at least 1 to 3 for every trade,” Ibukun explained, highlighting his disciplined risk management approach of risking up to 3% of his account per day.

Reflecting on his journey, Ibukun shared insights into overcoming challenges, including power outages in Nigeria and psychological pressures during trading losses. “I’ve learned always to stay calm and stick to my plan, no matter the situation,” he said, stressing the importance of emotional discipline in trading.

Regarding his experience with FundedNext, Ibukun praised the platform for its reliability and efficient customer support. “I haven’t experienced any payout issues or complaints,” he affirmed, noting the platform’s user-friendly interface and competitive spreads.

Looking ahead, Ibukun plans to continue refining his trading strategy and pursuing new opportunities with FundedNext. His advice to aspiring traders: “There’s no secret to success in trading. Follow your plan, manage your risks, and results will follow.”

The Bottom Line: A Recap of Significance

  • Successful day trader specializing in gold with FundedNext, leveraging zone frequency and support-demand strategy.
  • Implements disciplined risk management, aiming for a minimum 1:3 risk-reward ratio and limits daily risk to 3% of account balance.
  • Highlights the reliability of the FundedNext platform, emphasizing seamless operations and responsive customer support.

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